10 Good Reasons to Run

1.Running is the most efficient path to cardiovascular fitness.
Thirty minutes a day, four days a week will yield an excellent level of fitness in the shortest possible period of time.

2. Running is the most accessible of all aerobic sports.
You can run almost anywhere and at anytime you feel like it. You don't need much equipment and it's open to everybody.

3. Running is inexpensive and simple to learn.
You need good shoes, decent clothing and not much else to participate. Everyone knows how to run, and information on training is widely available.

4. Running is the best method of stress reduction on the market.
Thirty minutes of running will work wonders in dissolving stress accumulated at work.

5. Running is an excellent component of any weight-control program.
Few activities burn calories more quickly.

6. Running is a flexible method of training.
You can run at your own pace, with or without company, at whatever time of day suits you.

7. Running makes you feel good.
Your fitness, self-esteem and confidence will all increase with regular running.

8. The sport offers a unique opportunity for recreational runners to mix with world-class athletes.
You can't play at Wembley or Wimbledon, but on almost every weekend, runners compete in the same events with the fastest human beings ever to inhabit the planet. There are also low-key social events that emphasize fun and friendship.<

9. Running is for families and individuals of all ages.
There are running programs for kids, veterans programs for those men who are over 40 and women who are over 35 and even events for families.

10. You'll be in good company.
Millions of people already run for health, fun, fitness and competition. You'll find running clubs full of like-minded, friendly people who like nothing more than the spirit and enjoyment of all kinds of running, regardless of ability.